Karen Greville-Smith
Represented by Agora Gallery New York

Artist Karen Greville-Smith makes still life and landscape works in oil paint and soft pastel that reveal her love of colour, her interest in surface pattern and her skilled observation of the way that shapes interlock to create form.

Her still life pictures isolate objects and manipulate scale, colour and shadow in ways that are visually seductive but perhaps hint at solitary interior landscapes.

Her landscape works are inspired by colours in nature and the sunlight on water that she experiences during regular visits to Cornwall & The Isles of Scilly. Her un-peopled seascapes are studies in lightness and brightness, aspects that Constable named as 'the essence of landscape'.

Recent studies from nature are made in mono-print and stitchwork.

Karen works in the community and is regularly invited into schools during their Arts Weeks where she works with a wide range of age groups and runs insets for teachers. She also runs art workshops for young people in a mental health unit.


Gone Paintings
(Contains 26 photos)
Porthminster - St Ives Soft Pastels
(Contains 7 photos)
Floral I Stitchwork
(Contains 2 photos)
Honesty Monoprints
(Contains 5 photos)
Chelsea Physic Garden I Works on Paper
(Contains 5 photos)